The Affordable Art Fair Brussels 26 – 29 Feb. 2016


Tour & Taxis

Don’t confuse the Affordable with the Accessible Art Fair which will take place between 22 and 24 of September 2016 also in Brussels. In this blog we informed you about the call for applications.

The Affordable Art Fair offers affordable and accessible contemporary art works. The concept is very simple, yet unique and gathers galleries, established artists, young talents, curators and collectors. 95 local and international galleries will descend on Tour & Taxis, showcasing an array of original artwork, all available between €60 and €6,000.


Join the Brussels Contemporary Art Walk!


Established in Paris in 2011, the tour of contemporary art “Paris je t’aime” has been a resounding success both with the general public and with the participating galleries throughout its past three editions. This initiative is now relocating to Brussels, presenting an itinerary that will bring together some twenty galleries and exhibition spaces in the Louise/Châtelain area, from 13th till 27th February 2016.
“Brussels I Love You” is a contemporary art tour that will gather around twenty art spaces in the area of Ixelles and Saint-Gilles for its first edition. This art walk brings closer on one side the public and the art market players as galleries, project spaces, artists residencies and other initiatives, on the other hand it will offer a didactic and ludic experience to young art enthusiastic willing to have a better understanding of the market.



Meesterwerken uit het Koninklijk Museum terug in de Kathedraal

Tentoonstelling “REUNIE” in Antwerpse Kathedraal wordt verlengd

De tentoonstelling “REUNIE, van Quinten Metsijs tot Peter Paul Rubens, Meesterwerken uit het Koninklijk Museum terug in de Kathedraal” wordt verlengd tot de renovatiewerken in het Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen (KMSKA) beëindigd zijn.

“REUNIE” ,een project van het Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen (KMSKA) en de Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal te Antwerpen, was gepland van 5 juni tot 15 november 2009. In die periode werden meer dan 175.000 binnenlandse en buitenlandse bezoekers geteld en hun waardering was groot.

De tentoonstelling loopt nog tot het einde van de restauratiewerken aan het KMSKA eind 2017. Zo kunnen de werken, tijdens de sluiting van het Museum, verder worden tentoongesteld te Antwerpen en “in situ”, op de plaats waarvoor ze werden besteld door hun opdrachtgevers: de gilden en ambachten, de stadsmilities, en de broederschappen.

Na de renovatiewerken kunnen deze monumentale maar delicate altaarstukken van de Kathedraal, met een minimale manipulatie, onmiddellijk terug worden opgesteld in de zalen van het heropende Museum.

De tentoonstelling is dagelijks geopend van 10 tot 17u, met beperkingen voor bezoek tijdens het weekend tijdens de Misvieringen.

Belgische Künstler im Fokus



Alles ist Luft oder nimm dich blos nicht so wichtig!


Gabriella Cleuren

„Könnte ich doch die Sonne an den Himmel hängen…“

so das Motto der flämischen Künstlerin Gabriella Cleuren.

Beim Betrachten ihrer Bilder assoziiere ich sogleich eine Art moderne „compassio“, eine Gabe, sich in die Probleme unserer Zeit einzufühlen und den Wunsch, die Dinge wieder ins Lot zu bringen. Resolut werden auch Krieg und Zerstörung visualisiert ohne dabei den Blick auf eine Kehrtwende und die Kraft der Erneuerung  zu verlieren. Was aus ihren Bildern spricht ist dann auch die „Kraft aus Erfahrung“.

Gabriella Cleuren

„If I could but hang the sun in the sky …“

is the motto of the Flemish artist Gabriella Cleuren.

When viewing her artwork, one associates it immediately with a kind of modern „compassion“, a gift to empathise with the problems of our time and the desire to bring things back into balance. She also visualises war and destruction forcefully, as well as the violence in society, without losing track of the possibility of a U-turn and the power of renewal. She likes to describe her art as a contemporary Goya art because Goya was a political artist who criticised war and injustice. That’s why Ms. Cleuren speaks often about the new old world where nothing has changed. What you will realise by looking at her paintings is therefore the „power of experience“.

Gabriëlla Cleuren was born in 1942 in a small village in Belgium (Kleine-Spouwen). She studied drawing, painting and sculpturing at the academies of St-Niklaas and Hasselt as well as at the Pentiment in Hamburg where she lived for many years. She has been living and working in St-Niklaas since 1997.

She has taken part in the international festival of arts in Monastir, Tunisia, four times. Her work has been displayed in many exhibitions and art galleries in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Austria. Recently she joined the Rainforest Art Foundation Europe.


Vernissage mit Gabriella Cleuren


Collective exhibition of artists living in Brussels

Anc. Etablissements Vanderborght

rue de l’écuyer 50 Schildknaapstraat
Bruxelles 1000 Brussel

12/02/2016 Opening from 18:00 – 20:00

13/02/2016 Open from 11:00 – 19:00

14/02/2016 Open from 11:00 – 18:00

Presenting the awards 14/02/2015 at 16:30





International Art fair Maastricht


11 – 20 March 2016
Daily 11am – 7pm
Sunday 20 March 11am – 6pm


Maastricht Exhibition &
Congress Centre (MECC)
Forum 100
6229 GV Maastricht, Netherlands



Art Brussels is a contemporary art fair with a maximum of 140 galleries, with clear sections aligned with the profile of the fair: From Discovery to Rediscovery.


From 22 to 24 April 2016, Friday Saturday Sunday


Tour & Taxis
Avenue du Port 86c – 1000 Brussels