Rik Wouters – artworks like oxygene

Femme lisant, conté crayon on paper
Tulipes, 1912, oil on canvas
Les lilas, 1913, oil on canvas
La fenêtre ouverte, oil on canvas
Femme lisant, 1913, oil on canvas


Rik Wouters (1882, Mechelen – 1916, Amsterdam) was a Belgian fauvist painter and sculptor. He was educated at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.

Tragically this talented artist who was full of “joie de vivre” died of cancer at the tender age of 34! He left a substantial oeuvre of 170 paintings, 35 sculptures, many drawings and other artworks.

Rik Wouters is known for his colourful paintings and motives of daily life (“genre”) often showing his wife Nel. His style is called “Brabantse Fauvisme”. Besides his wonderful sculptures are very well known as his “mad virgin” of 1912 (musée d’Ixelles).

The retrospective in the Koninklijke Musea voor Schoone Kunsten in Brussels shows for the first time the most important works of the artist together.
Until 2 July. Don’t miss!

Koninklijke Musea voor Schoone Kunsten
Rue de la Régence / Regentschapsstraat 3
1000 Brussels


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